Eleanore Guthrie, Alumni

University: Westminster College

Major: Accounting

Joined: 09/30/2012


Eleanore is a Senior at Westminster College pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Accounting. Eleanore joined UVF in the fall of 2012 and since worked on a variety of deals ranging from technology for credit unions to children's toys targeted toward girls. 

She recently started her own company, leveraging many of the skills she developed while at UVF. Prior to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Eleanore worked for GPS Capital Markets, a local foreign exchange brokerage. While there, she performed cost analyses for multinational corporations, negotiated margins of spot-transaction rates versus interbank rates, and the applied a variety of hedging strategies. She will be graduating in June 2014 and will pursue a career that leverages her love of startups and her accounting background.