Jonathan Bowen, Alumni

University: University of Utah

Major: BS Finance Honors (December 2010)

Projects: Control4, Barosense, Transpond, TrustedID

Joined: 09/30/2008

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Jonathan Bowen is pursuing a Honors Bachelor's Degree in Finance at the University of Utah. His honors thesis discusses the Financial Consequences of Restructuring the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) and its Effects on the Mountain West Conference. In 2008, he was named a Kennecott Scholar for the David Eccles School of Business.  He also received an award for Excellence in Writing from the Department of English at the University of Utah for the top student paper in lower division writing during the 2007-2008 academic school year.

Jonathan has participated in four successful investments at UVF: iWidgets (now Transpond), Control4, TrustedID and Barosense (twice). He recently concluded an internship in New York City with VEVO - a digital media joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and the Abu Dhabi Media Company. During summer 2008, Jonathan worked with Ascend Alliance by teaching Microenterprise classes to entrepreneurs in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  In summer 2007 he worked as a marketing intern for Non-Stop Music - a division of Warner/Chappell Music in London, United Kingdom. 

His passions are music, sports, technology and entertainment.  Upon graduation, Jonathan plans to return to the music industry, focusing on the monetization of digital music.