James Lee Sorenson

Founding Donor

James Lee Sorenson is a nationally recognized business leader and entrepreneur who helped develop several new industry categories in today's business world. Under his leadership, Sorenson Medical developed a line of portable, microchip-controlled infusion pumps that deliver drugs safely while allowing patients mobility and lifestyle flexibility during chemotherapy or pain treatment.

As CEO of Sorenson Media, Sorenson developed the world's leading digital compression-decompression software and the first high-quality, low-cost videophone. He also created a nationwide video relay service for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, which was acquired by GTCR in 2005 in the most lucrative private equity deal in Utah history. Sorenson's other leadership responsibilities include The Sorenson Group, which owns and is developing over 60,000 acres of industrial, commercial, residential and retail real estate, and Sorenson Capital, which has raised approximately $650 million to invest in small- to mid-size U.S. companies. He also serves on the boards of a number of charities and community organizations.