Ladd E. Christensen

Board of Directors

Over the past 25 years, Mr. Christensen founded or co-founded a number of successful start-up enterprises in industries ranging from oil and gas, real estate, industrial chemicals, manufacturing, technology and the Internet. These enterprises include, Inc.; Vinca Corporation; RMS Information Services, L.C.; MaxIS Research, Inc.; Petrosource Corporation; Whitehall Products; Huntsman Chemical and Oil Corporation; Huntsman Christensen Corporation; Escadril Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.; and Whitehall Corporation.Mr. Christensen currently serves as chief executive officer of Whitehall Corporation, an enterprise incubator and venture capital organization.

Since 1992, Mr. Christensen has initiated and directed successful public service endeavors to promote and facilitate the use of technology in government, education and the private sector. He founded and serves as Chairman of the Foundation for Strategic Enterprise Knowledge Centers, conceptualized and proposed SmartStates for the Western Governors Association (resulted in the founding of the Western Governors Virtual University), founded and served as Chairman of SmartUtah (a public/private initiative), founded and serves as Chairman of Square One Foundation (an organization dedicated to the development of values and character of children during their formative years), and has served as a Trustee of the Utah Information Technologies Association. From 1992 to 1996 Mr. Christensen served as Chairman of the State of Utah Division of Business and Economic Development and from 1983 to 1986 he served as a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. Mr. Christensen holds a BS in mathematics and an MBA from the University of Utah.