Brett Burton, Senior Associate

University: University of Utah

Major: PhD Biomedical Engineering

Projects: Instructure, Veritract

Joined: 09/29/2013

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Brett Burton recently started his 7th year as a Ph.D student in bioengineering at the University of Utah.  His research emphasis is cardiac electrophysiology with a specific focus on the electrical effects of partial-thickness, cardiac ischemia on electric fields within the heart and throughout the body.  His research has resulted in nine publications over the past five years.

Since joining the UVF in October of 2013, Brett has led or otherwise participated in 16 different value add and diligence projects.  Projects have included: medical devices, battery technology, rural dairy delivery development, spider silk manufacturing, social bond exchanges, waste management, EdTech, genetic assays, and more.

In 2011, Brett joined the Lassonde Entrepreneurial Center at the University of Utah and was exposed, for the first time, to business development and entrepreneurship.  He spent a total of two years with the Lassonde Center.  During his first year (as an associate) he, and a team of engineers and MBAs, developed a business model around a university owned technology.  Later, as an associate student director, he managed 3 teams as they also developed businesses around university technologies.

As a result of his Lassonde Entrepreneurial Center experience, Brett has continued to lead a team of scientists, engineers and business graduates as they spin-out a med-tech company from the University of Utah.  The technology is a software algorithm that is capable of assessing a patient's risk of developing atrial fibrillation (a cardiac condition associated with increased risk of stroke).  Brett, and his team, have raised $27,000 dollars for a prospective clinical study of the technology at the University of Utah hospital.

Upon completion of his doctorate degree, Brett intends to pursue his interests in entrepreneurship and investment, particularly in the medical industry.  Through his research pursuits in bioengineer, his experience with the UVF, and his involvement with the Lassonde Center he hopes to position himself as a future player in the marriage of clinical practice, medical research, and business intelligence.