Cindy Hung, Alumni

University: University of Utah

Major: University of Utah MBA, Class of 2011

Projects: UPES 2010

Joined: 09/14/2010

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Cindy Hung possesses an innate curiosity and love of knowledge-seeking that drives her to pursue one challenge after another. Despite not having a financial or business background, she applied for the University Venture Fund during her first semester of the MBA program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business because she wanted to learn more about how the world of private equity, entrepreneurship, and venture capitalism firsthand. Not only did she complete her first term with a 3.94 GPA, but she went on to contribute with UVF to four deal screens, a value-add market research project for one of UVF's portfolio companies, and two investment recommendation reports. Currently, she is the only student from three Utah universities to have begun her tenure at UVF during the first semester of an MBA.

Cindy holds a bachelor's degree in literature and writing from the University of California, San Diego. In the past, she has put in her fair share of overtime at a daily metropolitan newspaper through the worst Southern California wildfires in decades and a historic gubernatorial recall election (and subsequent re-election of the Governator). She has also worked to promote and market a major automobile manufacturer during the worst economic climate for the automotive industry in history. Her ultimate goal is to become a mentor to the future generation of business graduates, as she will always be an educator and coach at heart, no matter her field of work. In the meantime, she plans to carve out a career in business management consulting after her MBA.