venture capital with vision

Investing in Impact.


The University Venture Fund (UVF) is where leaders of tomorrow help advance leaders of today. 

At UVF, top-ranking students come together to run a bona fide investment fund and do what students do best—research and debate investment deals that make a social impact. 

If this were around when I was in school, I’d probably still be in school.

The University Venture Fund is the world’s largest independently managed fund run entirely by students.
— Forbes

Leave it to idealistic, young college students to blaze the trail.
— Wall Street Journal

a proven educational model

No mere academic exercise.
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Beyond Theory

UVF II provides an unparalleled experiential education for students—while delivering professional governance and investment rigor that sophisticated investors require.

Formed in 2001, the University Venture Fund (UVF) at the University of Utah was the first and largest experiential student venture fund in the U.S. Supported by investors like James Lee Sorenson, Geoff Wolley, and Tim Draper and managed by professionals like Jared Hutchings, Tom Stringham, and Peter Harris, UVF has proven the model that students can and will execute alongside industry leading investors.




making a social difference

Doing well while doing good.


A Double Bottom Line

UVF II will target investments in companies in Utah and beyond that are seeking positive social and financial performance—providing benefits for low to moderate income people while having the potential to scale using traditional capital markets. The investments will be screened and targeted to be both CRA and PRI compliant for our investors. 



delivering competitive returns

Outperforming expectations.


Repeating History

A backtest of the first UVF portfolio demonstrates that those portfolio investments that were impact investments outperformed the portfolio as a whole. UVF II's network will provide best-in-class deal flow of impact investments for the Fund. By gearing UVFII toward impact investing, we seek to replicate our impact investing successes.