University Venture Fund–Impact Investing (UVF II) builds upon the success of UVF I by combining a supervisory structure and a motivated group of students to deploy catalytic capital into social ventures in the Intermountain West and beyond. UVF II is able to invest in early- to later-stage equity deals as well as provide innovative financing (pay for success, revenue based financings) to enterprises that seek to do good while doing well. We believe that the combination of a robust due diligence process with companies that are solving a social problem will produce superior social and financial returns for investors and a more meaningful experience for students.

The University Venture Fund II Investment Parameters

The University Venture Fund—Impact Investing (UVF II) invests in the U.S., primarily in the Intermountain West, but with some potential in select markets outside of the Intermountain West. UVF II targets assets with different risk and duration profiles in the following investment areas:

  • Thematic impact venture capital, which includes more "traditional" venture investments on financial performance driving specific social impacts;
  • University technology, which includes early-stage investments in tech developed at institutes of higher education;
  • and Social innovation financing, which includes catalytic participation in domestic impact opportunities focused on areas of social welfare, urban renewal, and low income housing.
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