Working at UVF

The University Venture Fund—Impact Investing (UVF II) will provide an unparalleled opportunity for students interested in impact investing, venture capital, private equity, and entrepreneurship. The fund seeks socially impactful investments in companies and ideas in our region.

We hire motivated students who wish to initiate or expand their experience in social impact and the venture capital/private equity due diligence process.

Advancement at UVF

Students who are part of UVF enter as an intern and advance to associate, then senior associate.

  • Interns: As an intern, you're brought into the fold from the first day you start. You'll get hours of unparalleled training and you'll put that training to work right away. You'll also learn from more senior team members who were once in your shoes.
  • Associates: As an associate, you'll have the option to develop an interest area into an expertise. You'll gain exposure to investment strategies and strongly contribute to client deliverables. Your training will be geared toward the finer, more complex points of investing, and you will share your knowledge with interns learning the ropes.
  • Senior associates: As a senior associate, you'll have proven your commitment to UVF through hard work, time in the office, and leadership. You'll have the floor to debate deals, source leads, and manage the fund into the future. You'll have the opportunity to mentor others, attend board meetings, and travel on due diligence trips. 

Gaining Trust

At UVF, we set expectations from the start. Students are required to meet Friday mornings from 9 am to noon, and significant additional time will be spent on projects throughout the week. UVF is a two-way commitment: you'll receive excellent training from professionals, and you will provide the highest standard of work for our clients. The more you prove that you are committed to learning and working with others, the more trust you gain, leading to staffing on the more complex projects that will pay dividends in experience and networking.

Why UVF?


Exposure and networking: Students work shoulder-to-shoulder with entrepreneurs and investors, work on presentation skills, and attend industry conferences.


An investment in your future: 100% of UVF students receive job offers upon graduation—we like to think it's because UVF sets our student associates up for their futures.

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This is not a drill: UVF is a legitimate fund that provides real-world experience, meaning that when you become a professional, you'll already be ahead of the game.


"[UVF] was a bit overwhelming at first, but the depth of knowledge and experience gained was an undeniable professional advantage. There were more than a few stories of UVF-ers blowing away job interviews and landing enviable positions in the sector."Eric Townsend, UVF alumni